Our wines
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Our wines

Wine farmer Bruno Ohlzon
Our wines
We produce honest wines that are characterized by care, wines that leave an impression on the drinker. We see the big picture and protect the environment with minimal use of additives and work continuously for a better total environmental impact. Our ecological work is constantly changing and evolving in step with the innovations of the outside world. The most important thing is that grapes, logs, soils and customers get the attention and love they deserve. In the vineyard, we work to produce wines that reflect the place of growth, the whole process is characterized by love and care in every detail. Briefly; quality wines with a clear sense of the terroir.
Wine farmer
Bruno Ohlzon

Brunos signatur
Where to buy
Our wines can be bought directly at the vineyard. Or if you live in Sweden, you can buy the wines directly in our webshop.

Red wine
Vieilles Vignes 57
39.50 €
Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon
21.90 €
Merlot Syrah
17.90 €
Numero Six
16.60 €
13.90 €
13.40 €

White wine
Chardonnay Prestige
21.90 €
16.60 €
White Emotion
14.90 €
11.70 €

Rosé wine
10.90 €
Rosé Mes Amis
14.90 €