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Make your own wine

From 24 EUR per bottle

With us, you have the opportunity to create a memory for life with your friends. We take you on the wine's fantastic journey. The hard but rewarding job during harvest, the refining in the wine cellar, tasting and finally bottling.
Welcome to an exciting and interesting experience with many cultural-historical and gastronomic element. Our general wine philosophy is to produce fruit-driven and soft wines with a generous concentration and a fairly direct availability. We have new modern equipment and a mix of traditional oak barrels of both French and American origin. Every year we grind on details to optimize the end product towards becoming as high quality as possible.

Practical, how do you do it?
  1. Send your request via email to
  2. We go through the basic steps in winemaking together and decide the quantity and in which step of winemaking you want to be involved.
  3. You are involved in any of the following steps, picking, pressing, mixing or bottling.
  4. The wine is ready after about 8-18 months, you arrange and pay for the freight.
  5. You order your own front-page labels from an external printer.
Made in connection with booking by advance invoice on 100% of the amount.

The minimum volume is 120 bottles you are then a part of a batch. It is also possible to make your own batch on a barrel of 300 bottles.

White and Rosé
From 24 EUR per bottle

Red wine
From 26 EUR per bottle

The price varies depending on many different factors. For example, choice of grape, bottle, cork, oak barrel e.t.c. The price include French VAT and tax. The does not include transport and potential destination country taxes or VAT. Also front label is not included in the price.

Manufacturing time
Depending on the type of wine we produce, it takes us between about 8-18 months.

Good to know
It takes a thousand decisions to make a wine. Relax people! We make most of the decisions for you.

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