About Bruno Ohlzon
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Updated 2022-01-03
Pubdate 2013-09-07 in blog
Ice hockey

About Bruno Ohlzon

About Bruno Ohlzon
From Modo and Hammarby to Escapat. From SHL to the world's largest wine district. This is the story of Bruno Ohlzon, the ice hockey defender who became a winegrower.
His career started In Djurgården's junior team, then in Tibros and Nynäshamn's division 1 team, later in the SHL with Modo and Hammarby.

- I was not a top player, but I could adapt, says Bruno.

Like when he succeeded in the middle of his elite career, combining the sport with starting and developing Nynäs Tak (one of swedens largest roofing companies), the company that meant the start of the entrepreneur Bruno Ohlzon's successful career.
About Bruno Ohlzon
Team photo of Hammarby hockey 1980. I am in the top row, the second player from the left.
When Hammarby was relegated from SHL in 1985, Bruno thought it might be appropriate to focus more on entrepreneurship. The coach Tommy Boustedt, did not think so. He knew he had a defender with character, so Bruno got "freedom under responsibility" with his training.

-Fix a barbell for me! he urged his coach.

Tommy Boustedt did that. And Bruno Ohlzon was able to make an eighth and final season in the hockey elite.
Bruno made a total of 177 league matches at the Hammarby club - and also returned to his club in 2008 when he co-founded Bajen Fans IF. 51 years old, he made 16 appearances in Division 4. In the rink, it hurt to face Bruno. Something that the opponents were well aware of. He was there as devoted to his task, as he then with life and desire and enthusiasm directed his companies beside the ice.
About Bruno Ohlzon
Team photo of Majadahonda (from Madrid) 1998.
His interest in wine gained momentum with the wine agency that Bruno acquired when he played hockey in Madrid in the 90's. When he also became Spanish champion in a team that also included Kenta Nilsson and Orvar Stambert.

-By the way, I scored two goals in the final, he says.
About Bruno Ohlzon
From Spain, Bruno then delivered wines to first-class Stockholm restaurants such as Bon Lloc, Lejontornet and Grand Hotel. Through first real estate and then the financial world, Bruno Ohlzon has now returned to the wine industry.
On the vineyard Escapat outside the medieval city of Carcassonne, Bruno Ohlzon now running the Vineyard together with employees.
About Bruno Ohlzon
There he wanders around not only among his vines with 14 different kinds of grapes but also among lavender, blackberries and among trees with olives, plums, apricots and god knows what.
The goal is clear:
- I will show the French that even a Swede, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, can deliver.
Bruno Ohlzon
Written by
Lasse Sandlin