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Become a vineyard owner

We are over 850 co-owners, join the journey! Buy shares via The share is traded once a quarter, planned trading dates see here

  1. Trading takes place once a quarter on Pepins Market which you can find at
  2. On the Escapat page at Pepins you can read more about the target company. A CEO report is also published there before each trading opportunity. Press follow the company and you will receive a notice when a new post is published about the company.
  3. If you want to buy shares in Escapat, you must become a member and also fill in Know Your Customer to be able to place purchase orders. KYC is a regulatory requirement from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority for all banks and financial actors. Feel free to make this registration well in advance of trading.
  4. You can then see how the trade goes under the tab Invest-How stock trading works.
  5. Place a bid during the trading days. Everything is done digitally. You specify how many shares you want and at what price.

For questions about buying shares

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