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Updated 2022-01-03
Pubdate 2013-08-30 in the vineyard

About Escapat

About Escapat
Domaine d´Escapat is located in the village of Villeneuve-Minervois in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Escapat is owned and run by the former Swedish ice hockey player Bruno Ohlzon.
Escapat produces its own range of quality wines, we produce pure fruit-driven wines without unnecessary additives. Most of our wines have less than 1gr in residual sugar. The wines are sold directly via our web shop to Swedish customers. You can also visit us in France and buy the wines on site. We also offer accommodation on the farm. We rent 4 different accommodations at Escapat, including 3 cottages and a chateau. All have been recently renovated to the highest standard. The rooms are large and airy and offer a loveley view of the surrounding vineyards. With us, you also have the unique opportunity to create your own wine. A guaranteed memory for life. We take you on the wine's fantastic journey. The hard but rewarding work during the harvest, the refining in the wine cellar and finally the tasting. We also run the Escapat Magazine, which is completely free to subscribe to. Here you will discover French cultural and astronomical treasures.
About Escapat
The 112-hectare vineyard is located in Languedoc-Roussillon, which today is one of the world's largest wine regions. The Languedoc-Roussillon stretches along the southern south coast of the Mediterranean, from Provence to the Spanish border at the Yreneans. The landscape is not only beautiful, wild and spectacular. The proximity to the sea and the mountains has its given positive impact on the character of the wines. In addition, the weather is clearly a Languedoc advantage. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the grapes feel much safer here than in Bordeaux, for example, and thanks to the southern latitude, the temperature is also high for large parts of the year.
About Escapat
The "modern" story of Escapat begins sometime in the 17th century when the first houses were built here. And shortly after the French Revolution, Monsieur Etienne-Jacques bought Escapat on a auction. The money was paid by his new wife, daughter of a successful clothing manufacturer in Carcassonne. In 1807, Napoleon I established a register of French land assets, and for the first time the name Escapat appears on Languedocs map as house number 1009. The vineyard on Domaine d´Escapat is well maintained and classified as AOP Minervois and Vin de Pays IGP. A large part has been renewed in recent years. The majority of the plantations are with noble grape varieties and 20% are younger than 10 years.
About Escapat
Winemaking has been practiced at the vineyard since 1900, and the first wine cellar was built the following year. For a long time, Languedoc was best known for its large quantities of cheap table wine, but now this wine giant has for many years controlled production from quantity to quality. Thus, Languedoc is today one of the most exciting and dynamic wine districts in France. There are many innovative winemakers here. There is also a long tradition of wine production to build on. But here are also young, energetic rebels. The growing group of ambitious wine growers in the region often emphasizes the importance of working in the field, and Bruno Ohlzon is no exception. Working with the vines is more important for quality than a luxurious storage cellar.
About Escapat
Team photo of Hammarby hockey 1980. I am in the top row, the second player from the left.
Who am I? Bruno Ohlzon. I hand over the pen to my good old friend Lars Sandlin who wrote the article, the story of Bruno Ohlzon, the ice hockey defensemen who became a winegrower.
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